Most Popular Types of Marketing

Most popular marketing types

There are 145,367 definitions of marketing (or nearly this). But if to speak briefly, marketing is a management process in which groups of people, by creating products and exchanging them via advertising platform, get what they need. Different types of marketing depend on the tools that are used in the promotion. Among marketing activities, there […]

Types of Advertising

Types of Advertising

The main examples of advertising on the Internet are as follows: media contextual advertising in social networks search promotion press releases. Media or banner advertising This type of business examples of online advertising involves the following advertising examples: placing text or graphic materials on websites, forums, and portals. One of the main advantages of the […]


Why retargeting?

Why retargeting? Let’s imagine situation that a person needs to buy a smartphone He is very likely to google and find some online shops and, at the moment, of choice he was distracted by a phone call or a question of his family members. And, unfortunately he forgot about the request and decided to look […]