10 Types of Online Businesses to Start

Which online business can be started with minimal investments?

Each building business for sale direction requires a different degree of publisher involvement into selling a business idea, investment of funds and time but any of them can make you very wealthy and allow to sell your business ideas. Let’s see how to start a virtual business.

1. Creation of large portals and Internet projects

Creation of sites with high attendance and large number of unique visitors per day for the purpose of selling advertising. This is the main way to monetize them. Also, affiliate programs are connected to products or services being sold or partner ones. Such projects are not created in one day – you need about 2-3 years minimum, largely depending on the competition and the volume of investments.

2. Online store

This type of online business can be organized from scratch or with a small investment of $1,000-3,000. Here you need to find suppliers for your chosen niche, create an Internet platform, organize payment methods, process and deliver products, and attract targeted visitors using various methods of online and offline advertising.

3. Sale of goods/services through sites

This type of Internet business involves the realization of their products or services through information portals, blogs, i.e. combining offline and online business. For example, you have a car company in the region and want to increase the flow of customers or expand the scope of sales. Properly organizing an Internet platform and creating a stream of targeted visitors, you will multiply your sales.

4. Coaching

Another type of Internet business that is quite popular is coaching. In general, coaching is training where the coach and the client are looking for a solution to the problems together. The purpose of coaching is not to give specific answers but to help the client find the answer to the question independently in the subconscious mind through leading questions. Coaching is conducted in the group sessions through webinars or individually, for example, via Skype. This trend is quite popular because it is characterized by efficacy and a high degree of nice results.

5. Consulting

Consulting, unlike the previous type of Internet business, is aimed simply at advising clients on various issues and solving specific problems. If you understand any area (finance, law, family relations, etc.), you can hold private consultations for a fee or create a consulting company.

6. Creating various types of services or exchanges

A higher level than the sites of services is the creation of various services or exchanges that provide certain services. There are services for website promotion, their sales, content exchange for filling Internet resources, mailing services, currency market analytics services, etc.

7. Information business

The most popular and profitable type of Internet business is info business. It has various forms of organization. Mainly:

  • Creation and sale of information products or video lessons
  • Conducting webinars, pieces of training
  • Info conferencing, training through online broadcast.

8. Reselling

Reselling is a type of Internet business based on resale of foreign information products. Here you do not need to create any products of your own, pack and deliver (this depends on the rights purchased). For a start, it is enough to buy resale rights and you can sell products at more than 100% cost, spending only some extra money on advertising and attracting customers.

9. Dropshipping

If in online stores you need to deal with the whole organization yourself (searching for suppliers, purchasing goods for a warehouse, selling, order processing, packaging, and shipping), then dropshipping is a more simplified form of selling goods online. This type of online business can even be conducted without having your own online store but by selling goods through auctions, groups in social networks.

10. Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting as a type of Internet business has practically exhausted itself at the moment but earlier it brought quite serious incomes to its owners. Its essence lies in the registration of beautiful domain names and their subsequent resale to companies or individuals.