Advertiser VS Publisher

Advertiser VS Publisher

Internet advertising is a relatively young science that, however, has already has a huge vocabulary of terms and definitions where newbies can get easily lost. Good news is that there will always be something new and unknown, but you should know really well only key heroes.

Advertiser and Publisher – who they are and their functions?

Everything is very simple here: there is someone, who has a product or service and wants to sell it – Advertiser. As they certainly need extra space than their website, but others playground for people to know about them – they need Publishers, who offer their space for ads publishing.

These two figures are impossible without each other. If we have no Advertisers, then we certainly do not need Publishers. Those, who want to promote their goods will anyway find somebody who will help.

The point is that Publishers always take some commission for their services. As they rent you space on their pages, it is obvious, they would like to be paid.

Is there a free alternative to Publishers?

Yes and know. We cannot get something for free at all, but there are variants when you can manage the situation without money.

  • Offer something in return. Sometimes Publishers also promote their goods or participate in affiliate marketing and you can offer your ads, while posting some others.
  • Use newspapers. There can be both online and offline. Yes, people still read paper sources of information. Free ads are still available there, such form of marketing may not be very effective, but it will be really free Publisher.
  • Come to business owners of relevant business. When we talk about advertising, it is ok to use offline sources. If you are a make-up artist, you can choose as a Publisher shops for future brides, wedding rings shops and related areas. But, be ready that they will ask about the same service for themselves.
  • Visit conferences and related events. At least once a year you can find an event that is somehow connected to your field – come and take several leaflets to give to the visitors.
  • Don’t forget about yellow pages. Yes, we still have such books with extremely thin papers that people of older generation still use. Such book also exists in online format – you’d better register in both of them. The latter one is also good for SEO and improves chance to find you in search results.
  • Work on SEO. This is absolutely free alternative to Publisher. The only point – it requires a lot of time to see the result. The sense of method is to work on your texts this way you could take the first positions in search results in Google, Bing or any other search system popular in your country. You should track keywords, changing of algorithms and some other staff.

We suppose that now you have a bit more transparent image of what is a publisher and an advertiser on website. This amount of information will help you to go next and study about pricing models and a lot more from online advertising universe.