Better Marketing Campaigns with CRM Marketing

What is CRM and how it helps earn more

CRM marketing is done through the CRM – customer relationship management system. CRM with marketing automation involves the collection of customer data and analysis. Work is being done with potential buyers, which leads to an increase in sales. Information for CRM for marketing may be:

  • young women from 18 to 25 years old
  • men 25-35 years old, having a car
  • customers who have already contacted company or made purchases at least 1 time (and loads of others).

Why your CRM and marketing strategy is important for the advertising platform? The client makes up to 70% of the purchase cycle even before the sales specialist is involved in the business. That is, before contacting the company and the salesperson, the client has already to some extent studied the question and the possible solutions. Using CRM marketing means connecting points between customer research, marketing companies, and the sales department.

How does it work?

Over the years, marketers have not fully utilized valuable customer information. Only with the development of modern technologies, including the emergence of CRM systems, the processing and analysis of Big Data became possible. CRM marketing allows high quality leads to go higher in the sales funnel and, as a result, increase sales:

  • highlight trends of behavior on the Internet. Marketing automation makes it possible to track the activity of visitors on the website & to identify their interests. Such information will make the ‘cold’ call ‘warm’, and accordingly, more effective
  • weed out weak leads. The symbiosis of marketing and CRM processes makes it possible to lead potential customers in a profitable way, sifting away leads that are not interested (or have little interest) in the commercial offer on the go. This screening process in an automated mode allows working with potential customers as efficiently as possible
  • formulate a strategy. Sales professionals use the information gathered to develop a strategy that is appropriate for a successful transaction
  • customer retention. With data that comes in through various marketing channels, sales professionals find it easier to retain a customer and take actions to increase their loyalty.

Facts in numbers

  • The cost of attracting a new client is, on average, 5 times more than to keep the one already attracted
  • Most of the Fortune 500 companies (the largest in sales of American corporations) lose 50% of their customers every 5 years
  • If the client is satisfied, he or she will tell about the successful experience of interacting with the company to 5 acquaintances on average but if unsatisfied – to at least 10
  • In some areas, customers pay out for the attraction of them in about a year of work with them. The conclusion may be: if the client left before this deadline, it means that he brought losses
  • If the customer retention rate increases by at least 5%, then the company’s profit will increase by 50%-100%
  • About 50% of existing customers of the company are considered unprofitable due to the fact that interaction with them is inefficient
  • The company contacts the existing client on average 4 times a year and 6 times with potential customers
  • CRM system developers promise an increase in company profitability by at least 10-20% and profitability of clients from 200% to 800% in 2-3 years.

Where to use CRM obligatorily

Loyalty programs

Accumulated bonuses can be exchanged for money or converted into something useful. With the help of some programs, it is possible to accumulate points from the amount of the cheque.


You can provide personal and savings discounts for different categories of people: “For parents”; “For Audi owners”, “For blondes”; “For sales managers”, etc.


You can make promotions on product categories (for example, vacuum cleaners or stereos) for those customers who have viewed these products but have not purchased.

Sms and e-mail newsletter on purchases made in the last 2 weeks

Invitations in social networks to participate in a closed sale or you can simply make contact with a potential client, just asking how things are going.