What is “a digital service platform”

There is nothing permanent under the moon

It might have taken 15-20 years for a company to grow and be estimated for a million of dollars several decades ago. The situation is significantly different now, brilliant start-ups can reach these points in 3-4 years. How did it happen? The approach is different. Many businesses have started their work on technological platforms, while modern ones use digital platforms. The idea have already proved its value and helps to cover new markets.

What is “a digital service platform” about?

The whole concept may seem pretty difficult to catch, as it is unclear how to estimate its value for clients, if it is a product what functions it should posses and other.

A digital service platform is a set of tools based on modern cloud technologies thus app development becomes easier. But it can’t be referred as a product. All the staff you can get from the platform – services, options and apps, they make product you will pay for having a client’s role.

The most common digital service platforms

You will hardly be surprised when hear their names. They are such giants as Facebook, Ebay, Google Play or GitHub and many others…

Benefits for clients:

• Lower costs for technologies. It is high to throw out your old servers from basement and use modern IT tools.
• Data security on a high level. Microsoft eagerly spends over a billion of dollars to protect information on Azure. How many companies do you know ready to invest in it cyber safety?
• New apps are easy, quickly and safety to be created. You might have heard about open ecosystems – here they are.
• Cloud services offer detailed analytics for big data.
• Wise use of data. Interested parties may create their projects and aps based on the same information, no need for duplicates and extra efforts.

How to understand whether you need digital platform?

There are many types of businesses and all of them slowly but steadily go digital. Your company will also have to adopt it to stay competitive. Changing is a necessity and not an option, and digital platform is your best variant of gradual transformation.

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