Display ads vs search ads or How to eat a pancake with a cherry jam and ice-cream

Display ads vs search ads

What do you like most pancakes with jam or with ice-cream? Have you ever tasted a pancake altogether with both of these ingredients? Try it, if you haven’t. If yes, you may remember excellent taste of the dish. I’m sure one may easily find followers of each variant, but being mixed – it is another type of the story.

Actually, it was a simple and vivid example how display ads and search ads are working. One may gain great results using only one method, but combination of these techniques may give really much power. Let’s have a look how it can be.

Advertising network

We meet every time when search something in Google, Bing or any other search system. In search results such ads are usually marked like “ads”. Showing your ads on top of the page in search results is beneficial because people are not often so diligent. Let’s confess, we want to find an answer from the first page, I would say more, from first search results.

This phenomenon is often a matter of argument, as some people think that an advertisement is unlikely to be successful and puts money in advertising to keep his head above water. While there is another group, who is quite loyal to the issue, they think that a company has earned enough money and ready to invest it in the ads as well.

You would choose to advertise on the search network if you wanted to:

  • to tell about your products without big money spendings;
  • to compete with big tycoons (at least, to try);
  • to tell about your product to people according to their location, it means that your ad will be shown only to those who are near your shop where the goods can be delivered.

Display advertising

They are often called banners and appear every time on the Internet when users surf webpages, but don’t look for your products. In other words, display ads work on your brand awareness.

It is very important to be near the user while he is reading a newsfeed or watching a movie. When a person gets hungry, wants to have car repairing or to buy a new sofa – you should be the first one whom he or she would like to apply. Nearness will reduce the level of suspiciousness: you have been together with me in all my daily routine, you are like a friend now. Why not to order from you?

What’s a reason to use the search network with display ads?

You might have guessed that both strategies can bring you more clients and, as a result, bigger income. A person can be aware of your excellent car washing service in the city as you have shown your ads on some other online resources, but that’s not all.

People are unlikely to keep information in mind, and they can certainly miss you if you are not near at the most important moment.

To sum up

Nobody says that using only one method is bad. Obviously not. But search and display advertising can give you more together, rather than used separately.

Have you ever combined several advertising techniques? Share your thoughts and opinion with us.