Facebook Advertising Guide. Step by step

Facebook advertising and its features, step-by-step setup

In the end, every advertiser, both beginner and mature, comes to the fact that he is looking for new channels to attract customers. And at the moment, it is quite difficult to find a better selling opportunity than to sell a Facebook group. Today we will talk about a specific step-by-step setting up advertising on Facebook – how does Facebook advertise itself and how does following in Facebook works?

Step #1. Creating an advertising account

The easiest way to create an advertising account is to go to the following link: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/ or you can always do it from the interface of your personal profile. Do not forget that you can only advertise on behalf of Business Pages. Make sure you have it or else you will be penalized. Facebook will ask you to specify your time zone, the currency in which it will charge you for advertising and a credit card. The card must belong to you and must match the name of your profile.

Step #2. Select the purpose of advertising

The purpose of advertising is chosen depending on what you want to achieve from the advertisement on Facebook itself. Their great variety is presented below in the image. You always have the opportunity to put a hint on each sign at each target and understand what it is intended for. We advise newcomers to start with the “Traffic” goal. Facebook will optimize advertising as much as possible for people who are ready to go to your website. And the essence of the goal itself is to redirect people to the site. That is the most common reason for clicks.

Step #3. Facebook Targeting Settings

Now we are going to create ad groups or directly create audience with which we will advertise.

3.1 Destination advertising

We can redirect people to the site in the app or in the messenger. For the first option, select the field “website”.

3.2 Geo advertising

Next, choose where and to whom to show ads. You can choose different countries, cities or even points with a radius of up to 1 km. Also determine the age and gender of your target audience. Lifehack: if you show ads in countries where your language is not the main or regional language, then in the languages ​​field, select the language your target audience speaks and then the advertising will only appear in such a country.

3.3 Detailed Facebook Targeting

Here we should decide what interests our potential audience have and select them. Thereby, we will narrow all people to more targeted ones. There are a lot of interests and there is definitely something to choose from. Start to enter the first interest, and then, after selecting it, click on the recommendations button and Facebook will offer the optimal interests.

3.4 Selecting Placements

Perhaps this is news to you but the ads that we are creating now can be shown not only on Facebook but also in several other places:

  • Instagram: this social network belongs to Facebook and if you want to advertise in it, then just leave the checkmarks in front of it and that’s it. Do not create advertising on Instagram inside the application, be sure to use the FB advertising cabinet;
  • Audience Network: Facebook’s advertising network, similar to Google. Advertising will be displayed on partner sites. Works well only for retargeting;
  • Messenger: Ads can be shown inside of an application that has already been installed by over 1 billion people.

Step #4. Create an ad

Here, your creativity and pragmatism should be included as much as possible. You have to create such an advertisement that will reach the hearts of your target audience.

4.1 Choose a business page

In the first paragraph, we choose on behalf of which Business Page we will display ads. You should have either your own business page ​​or the access rights to someone else’s. The same is with your Instagram’s account. If you want to advertise on Instagram through Facebook, then you need to link accounts or add it yourself.

4.2 Facebook Advertising Format

Choose the visual component of your advertising. The best of all is a video or one picture. Although, if you have a store with a variety of goods, the ring gallery is also a great option. Under each format, there is a small description of its essence.