How to advertise with Google for free

Free advertising with Google – do you need it?

Maybe someone will be surprised but many entrepreneurs do not know that they can place free advertising on Google advertising platform. How to advertise with Google and why is advertise in Google for free important to your business? First, advertising on Google for free will not cost you a penny, it only takes a little time to set up and maintain. Secondly, it is from Google. So, you will get additional points from the main search engine of the world.

In addition, among the main advantages:

  • display your company on the map
  • increase traffic to the site
  • getting real feedback from visitors and customers
  • display your company in the top search results
  • obtain additional data for analysis, for example, about the number of customers who have returned or popular visiting hours.

To achieve this, you need only one service – ‘Google My Business’. With it, you can put information about your company on Google+, Search, and Maps.

How does this affect the ranking?

If you post a link to a new article on Google+, it will speed up its indexing. Each report of this entry has a positive effect on SEO, raising your post higher in search results. In addition, subscribers of your Google+ page will be mixed with entries that match your query. And this is on the first page. As you know, it is viewed by everyone. The more relevant the record is, the higher it will be in the search results.

How does free advertising on Google work?

Let’s say you make a request. Companies that added their organization to ‘Google My Business’ are placed after advertising in second place in search results. Not bad, agree? Especially when you consider that it is absolutely free!

What data do you need?

  1. Brief description of your business.
  2. Phone number, address, website, time, etc.
  3. Logo or photo of your office, store or institution.

After adding an organization to Google maps, you will get the result.

Step number 1. Set up an account

Go to Google My Business and click the button you see. Your Google My Business account is linked to a shared account. That is, if you do not have it, you will need to create it. The service will tell you how to do it. In the search box, enter your project name or address. If it is not in the list, add it.

Step number 2. Fill in the newsletter

Specify all the necessary data, namely:

  • title
  • country
  • address
  • city
  • postcode
  • company’s main phone
  • category.

Be sure to say at the end if you are working with clients remotely or face to face. After the window appears, indicate in it, in what cities or at what distance from the location of the company your target audience is potentially located. This is necessary so that people can find you on the map or through a search when they will be looking for similar services or products like yours in a particular area.

Step number 3. Confirm that your business is real

Within a couple of weeks, you will be sent an email with a special confirmation code to the address you provided in your company profile. This action will open access to many additional features. There is also an alternative option – to verify authenticity using a telephone. Now you can skip this step. But if you want people to know about your business, its existence must be confirmed.

Step number 4. Complete profile filling

Add a logo, photo, and time. Be sure to complete a short description. Use the keywords for which you want the company found in the search. Do not overdo it with ‘keywords’ – the description should be written primarily for people. You can always edit the profile data. To do this, in the upper right corner, there is an ‘Edit’ button.

Step number 5. Stay tuned for information and comments

Quickly update your company information:

  • working hours
  • address
  • site.

Keep track of comments and try to respond them, especially negative ones, causing a person to make a dialog.