How to sell advertising space on your website

How to sell advertising space on your website

Our parent were just dreaming of sitting as home, relaxing, reading books and enjoy money coming from a sort of inexhaustible financial source. Nowadays the situation is a bit different as Internet invention has offered us more new areas of work, professions and sources of income.

Unfortunately, there is no resource that offers money just for nothing, but if you have your own website or blog, you can easily earn on it. The more efforts you put, the more you are likely to get. We talk about advertising, it requires some patience and hardworking, but not as difficult as curing people.

here are many of variants, but if you are just starting we recommend to have a look at this ones:

Affiliate marketing

There is no simpler way of selling advertising space. You have nothing to do like producing, delivering or anything of it. Your task is to promote other company’s goods. You will have a commission each time a visitor has dropped to the page with the product and bought it.

Programmatic advertising

It sounds too serious, but there is nothing too difficult behind it. The whole ecosystem reminds an auction, where publishers offer impressions at ad exchange and advertisers use DSP platform to buy them. Each impression is sold individually. Due to cookies, advertising system can see which websites you have visited, your probable gender, age and location. All these and some other factors are calculated and advertisers say how much they are ready to pay for this or that client. Sometimes the prices are very high and sometimes very low – too many factors are included. All the biddings are held during the page loading and finished when the user saw an ad.

This option is very good if you haven’t gained a big audience, but want to start making some money as soon as possible.

Join advertising networks

This advice how to sell ad space can sound strange, as networks are representatives of old-school and the method above is a bit obsolete. But now we have a wonderful time when both approaches co-exist. We suppose, there will be a day when they will be in one, taking pros from each other, but while we have an opportunity why not use them both.

Come to advertisers yourself

This method is called direct contact to advertiser. It is beneficial as you can get more money and offer premium inventory at higher prices. Even remnant inventory can be sold at higher rates in comparison with ad networks tariffs. But… it all takes time to find somebody, to discuss options and terms. Any changes from your or advertiser’s side can not often be implemented immediately.

If you are ready to start

Your website is your name, your business card – keep it in order and neatness. It means that your pages should contain interesting and relevant information and is timely updated or new material is posted regularly.

For very early birds we recommend to launching any activity when your website is not younger than six months. It is a key requirement from Google and other networks tend to support this idea.

Transparency is becoming an important factor in marketing. So, people should be able to find information about you quite easily and it must be true.

When you think which model choose – take at least two. One may not work, but you will have another one stable while trying to adopt next one in the list.

Finishing tip

Advertising is a big universe, where selling your space is just an initial step. You will have to learn a lot, before first thousand will come to your pocket, but the process is so fascinating and exciting that you will not be able to give up.