Kick, knock and butt – or how to make your call-to-action having killing effect

Kick, knock and butt - or how to make your call-to-action having killing effect

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Thousands of these appeals dapple on the Internet. How we wish they could be true! In this case articles would be read to tatters as well as tests and similar content.

But you should know how influence on people if you want to motivate them correctly and usefully. Here we share our collection of best practices about call-to-action really working in advertising campaigns.

But before we start let’s establish once and for all what call-to-action (CTA) is and why you need it.

CTA reflects a statement with direction to a reader or listener where the seller expects immediate response.

Everybody can remember the simplest CTA like “Order now”. The more description you will give to your potential clients the higher the results will be. Direct and clear messages will help you to get rid of unnecessary traffic and “wrong” customers and also inform your target audience what they may get by performing this or that action.

It is worth to know which phrases and word combinations will play into the hands. So, we offer to be less dismissive of our pieces of advice.

1 Strong command verbs make a half of the deal. Ensure your CTA are short and neat. Proceed to the action immediately. CTR will be greatly improved by direct, straightforward and meaningful message like “Download our specification here” rather than “Here you can learn more details about the product”.

2 Use combination of words rising emotions or inspiration. The more inspiring your CTA is, the more encouraged your target audience will be. CTA like “buy now and have a second pair for free” makes your offer profitable and seems to be really a good bargain.

3 Help your audience to understand why it will be better for them to make a decision now. To say it differently, what you have done especial directly for them? Will it help to find a job, to earn money or to put up with husband or wife? CTA with statements like “Register today and get license with discount” reflects what you expect your customer to do and how he or she will win from it.

4 Play on fears. A natural fear of missing out (FOMO) is expressed in CTA “order till the end of working day while it is in stock” implies that a certain profit will not last for long and a buyer should hurry up.

5 Adapt your CTA for mobile and desktop users. Those who are searching for the information from mobile device are more likely to make a quick decision, than investigate like desktop audience. So, the situation should be resolved quicker and CTA like “call to have your first lesson now” will help you a lot.

6 Creativity is a key to the hearts. You will never guess how a certain CTA plays for you until you apply it.

7 Add numbers. Customer are more likely to spend their money when they see a precise digit, it makes them count whether they can afford it and probably turn to you. “Order online and we will deliver it with 30% discount”.

8 * Use nasty words. This technique should be applied with great caution, as there is a fine line between something surprising and pure rudeness. CTA like “your flat s*cks, let’s change it” can cause great bombing, but work.

Why it is important?
Clear and simple call to action is like a guide what is expected from the customer, what she or he should do. Absence of CTA deprives the user from clear understanding about next steps and what he should do to buy or order, thus there is a great risk he will leave your page without a desirable action for you.