Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising

It becomes impossible to imagine our life today without mobile devices: they entertain us, show necessary information, help to find a restaurant or buy some products and services. Studies show that mobile ads are more often clicked, it is easy to explain using an example of a person who wants to buy a sofa at lunchtime. He or she is sitting in the cafe, and when the person finds probably suitable variant – why not to choose and save time for something more interesting and pleasant?

Mobile advertising interacts with people, offers the goods and services with the help of mobile devices like mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The area is not new at all, but people spend more time in gadgets rather than in personal computers – the field is extremely huge and can’t be ignored. This strategy can be easily combined with display, social media or any other strategies to gain maximum result.

Where do mobile ads “live”?

Logically they can be found in mobile versions of websites and applications. The opportunities of mobile are similar to traditional channels, however, there are some distinctions.

Types of mobile ads


They function in the same way as desktop ones. However, mobile devices are of smaller size and the banners are a bit limited in these dimensions.

Video ads

Here the ads are adapted to mobile devices. They can be skippable and unskippable with lasting up to 30 seconds. It is the most expensive type of advertising and has sing-use effect. The user is unlikely to watch your video gain if he has already done it before.


Obviously, they are inserted in the applications. Gamers may like them, for example, after watching an ad video you can temporary get extra skill that is available for premium users.


They can be referred as banners taking all the space on mobile screen. This type is more preferred by advertisers as they get more room to tell you more information. This ads can be easily closed after several seconds of appearing, however people find them distracting.

Some words to finalize

Expenses on mobile advertising are growing at an exponential rate each year. Apple has announced that there will be a built-in ad blocking system. Experts are a bit shocked and predict chaos in advertising world if this happens.

Time will show, but while the tragedy hasn’t reached us, the only advice is the following: there is no reason to ignore gadgets, because people are glued to smartphones and can receive ads at any moment and place. Prompt hint on your product or service on mobile screen at the right moment can bring to you a loyal and faithful customer.