Most Popular Types of Marketing

Most popular marketing types

There are 145,367 definitions of marketing (or nearly this). But if to speak briefly, marketing is a management process in which groups of people, by creating products and exchanging them via advertising platform, get what they need. Different types of marketing depend on the tools that are used in the promotion. Among marketing activities, there are online advertising, copywriting, video advertising and many other marketing types of ways to increase sales.

Crowd marketing

One of the popular marketing methods is the technology of marketing on the Internet, posting reviews of the product/service at various sites, such as forums, blogs, question and answer sites, and social networks.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an approach to the promotion of goods or services, which differs from direct advertising in that the product is not imposed on the consumer; you do not encourage to buy, order it or subscribe for it. Based on the information provided, the client is free to make a choice – to buy from you or go to competitors. And it forms a trusting relationship between you and users, creates an image of a leader in a niche, because you are not just offering a product but also helping to choose it, solving urgent problems, and make advice.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a set of actions aimed at promoting the company’s goods, services or brand through video.


Social Media Marketing – brand promotion in social networks. If you have accounts on Instagram, then you know firsthand what it is when you are haunted by advertising. For example, accounts are often signed with a proposal to make a manicure, buy a black facemask, or food delivery. But if flipping through, you see a photo with the words “advertisement”, this is SMM.

Email marketing

Appeals to a potential client directly, via e-mail or SMS-mailing are called ‘Direct Marketing’ because this type of advertising is targeted to every end person. Subscribers to the site receive information about any event related to the product being sold (about the promotion, opening a new store). Distribution is carried out on the basis of information collected using CRM or taken from the subscribers to your newsletter. Some business owners buy customer bases and arrange mass mailings. And it is completely in vain because such messages are usually moved to ‘Spam’ folder by mail services.

PR marketing

PR is the creation of the company’s image on the web. PR marketing is a permanent job with the site, analyzing visitors, improving the site from a visual point of view. Optimization for better search engine indexing:

  • placement of information about the site and the organization’s activities in the media and on sites of similar subjects
  • support and advertising of the site on the forums
  • regular website update.

Viral marketing

One of the types of Internet marketing that got its name for the incredibly fast distribution on social networks of hidden advertising contained in interesting and attractive video materials, online games, applications, photos, and texts. Advertising unobtrusively mentions the proposal of the customer.

Display advertising

Otherwise, this type of Internet marketing is also called ‘Banner Advertising’. Ads are aimed at increasing the popularity of the brand. Clicking the mouse takes the user to the merchant site. The link directs exactly to that section of the site where a potential client can immediately make a purchase & place an order. Display advertising is usually aimed at a certain type of product that is in demand.

CPA Advertising

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a specific payment model on the Internet for advertising. In this case, the advertiser pays for this or that actions that are performed by users on the website.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a type of advertising in which contact with the user occurs through mobile gadgets in the form of various advertising messages. From year to year, this advertising channel becomes more and more creative and interesting from the point of view of formats and methods of communication with users.