Pre roll advertising network

pre roll advertising network

Marketers have already appreciated power of video ads as they more deeply cover most of human senses: we hear the information, see it and fully deep into the subject of the ad.

Websites with video content often offer users to watch and ad material before interested videoclip. It is what marketers call pre-roll ads. It was calculated long ago, that only 5 seconds are given to decide the fate of them from users’ side and advertisers have to be really creative to grab attention not to be skipped immediately.

Unfortunately, pre roll advertisements are considered to be the most intrusive. In Germany, a motherland of AdblockPlus, nearly 72% people in the survey said that officiousness is the main reason of installing relevant software. However, 90% respondents in Mexico and Spain would not use blocking programmers if they could have a choice to watch or to skip an ad.

If you are an advertiser and your video ad is really interesting, informative and creative – you certainly look for a pre roll video ad network. It is hard to say which one is the best, as it is not cut and dried, but there some things you should pay attention to.

Crucial aspects for pre roll advertising network

1. The more targeting options you have the better. It includes such aspect as behaviour, context, geo targeting and retargeting.
2. All types of devices should be represented. Video ads are more typical for mobile devices, however there are so many of variants of them, and it would be too unwise to skip desktop computers.
3. Choose what your rivals do. To say it simpler, make a little investigation what people from your niche prefer – what is good for them may be at least not bad for you.
4. The more formats are offered, the better. Everybody likes being offered variants, especially when it comes to a means of earning money.
5. Clear and understandable tracking system. It is important to understand how successful your campaign is, the reports should be understandable and timely. You should have a clear view if everything is going well or how it should be corrected.

Share with us how you have launched your advertising campaign and what piece of advice you lacked.