Why retargeting?

Why retargeting?

Let’s imagine situation that a person needs to buy a smartphone He is very likely to google and find some online shops and, at the moment, of choice he was distracted by a phone call or a question of his family members. And, unfortunately he forgot about the request and decided to look for a phone later.

Such a situation is a common case for many websites. Only 4-5 per cent of visitors buy from first attempt, while the ocean of those who was forgotten, obviously, arises a question: how to bring them back? Here you are, that is the task for remarketing.

What it is about?

Remarketing is a form of advertising aiming to contact the users who have already visited your website or were caught in your database.

The principle here is very simple – people don’t mind buying from you, but if they forgot your company name or something like that, they are not so often to search you too much and can be easily taken by your competitors.

How does retargeting work?

Actually it is not a very difficult work for a website owner. His task is to join special retargeting platform or network and paste a specially designed script that will make a list of all the visitors that have dropped to you. Posting special cookie file allows the script to memorize the guests and remind them about you on other websites. If the service you have chosen has a good ad exchange, your lost clients can be tracked almost everywhere of online world.

Retargeting ads best practices

Before going to retargeting agency, there is something, you can try with platforms on your own.

If a visitor was interested in a particular group of goods you can make a little remind like “You were interested in A, now the price is smaller – come to see”.

Filled shopping carts are no longer a problem now if you can offer something to attract your client – it can be a small gift, a day offer to the biggest product in the list and so on.

One more option here is to offer discount for next purchase if finishing the order now. By doing so, you will remind about your presence and make a basement for further interactions.

Such ads will follow users for a long time and on thousands of websites. It is said that user needs approximately 7 times to see your ad before he feels convenient and gets a feeling he knows you. After it, he will be ready to buy.

Bottom line

Marketers think a lot about attracting new clients, but they often skip what to do with those has come but occasionally left you. Remarketing in combination with other activities for attraction clients helps to save the audience in full and gain the highest results with them.