Top 10 advertising ideas for small business

Best ideas for using marketing tools for business.

The Internet is becoming more and more popular advertising platform to start advertising a business thanks to a huge audience that is presented online almost around the clock. Advertising business plan on the Internet is already actively used not only by large international corporations but also by small firms aimed at a local audience. The advantage of smart advertise promoting a small business online is that there is a large number of Internet marketing tools that one can use for free. Pitfalls include time costs and the lack of a quick effect (with the exception of contextual advertising).


  1. Creating a website. This is the foundation, the cornerstone of business promotion on the Internet. With the help of the site, the entrepreneur informs buyers about the available products, services, current promotions, and offers. The website provides the seller’s contact information, prices, description, work schedule, etc. This is the business card of a businessman on the Internet, which is a necessary minimum.
  2. Contextual advertising. This is one of the most common ways to advertise on the Internet. It is paid but the advantage of contextual advertising for a businessman is that he or she sets the promotion budget himself and only pays when the user clicks on the advertisement and goes to the entrepreneur’s web page.
  3. SMS distribution. Advertise a small business by using a mass SMS newsletter. With its help, you can inform customers about new promotions, discounts, periodically remind of self, congratulate on holidays and maintain good relationships in general.
  4. Social networks. The popularity of social networks has reached such a scale that even a separate specialty has appeared in the Internet marketers’ environment, SMM-manager (Social Media Marketing). Today, there are many social networks but the most effective for promoting small businesses are the following:
    • Facebook
    • It is important to understand that people enter social networks for entertainment purposes; therefore, your publications, posts, and messages should also be entertaining, not bland and boring.

    • Instagram
    • This social network will be especially useful for advertising a small business, whose products/services can be brightly, vividly and interestingly visualized (take a photo and share it online). For example, jewelry store, a beauty salon, tattoo salon, fashion boutique (read the article on targeted advertising on Instagram for details). To distribute photos for promotional purposes, you can also use the Pinterest service.

      Also, some online marketers among the above-mentioned social networks highlight Twitter but in our opinion, its effectiveness in promoting small businesses is doubtful.

  5. Video hosting YouTube. This is a great free way to advertise for small businesses on the Internet. Video content is much more attractive to users than textual information or photographs.
  6. Company registration in online catalogs. You can create a free business card page on these sites with contact details and product descriptions. The advantage of these platforms is that search engines often show pages in search results.
  7. Email newsletter. If you have a database of customers’ email addresses (you can start collecting it using the website’s questionnaires and contact forms), you can periodically send them newsletter about discounts, new arrivals, etc. A more complex and advanced form of alerts would be in a mobile application.
  8. Use of discount platforms. By this, we mean specialized web sites where companies can, for a small fee, place a current offer of goods and services at a discount. As a rule, such sites have a large subscriber base, which willingly responds to all sorts of special offers.
  9. Sponsorship – perhaps even without big investment. You need to have imagination and use your field of activity in assisting events of your area of work.
  10. Advertising through bloggers. Use someone else’s popularity: it can be advertising for products or for money; the main thing is to use the audience of subscribers.