Types of Advertising

Types of Advertising

The main examples of advertising on the Internet are as follows:

  • media
  • contextual
  • advertising in social networks
  • search promotion
  • press releases.

Media or banner advertising

This type of business examples of online advertising involves the following advertising examples: placing text or graphic materials on websites, forums, and portals. One of the main advantages of the banner is that it contains animation, which usually perfectly attracts the attention of visitors. In addition, the banner, as a rule, contains a hyperlink to the destination resource, due to which target traffic is actively attracted.

Among other things, display advertising provides wide audience coverage. With it, you can quickly increase sales of already well-known brands, as well as promote new products and services. Currently, experts have widely used banner advertising when conducting various promotions and in the promo of brands. Banners can be placed on the site through special services centrally or individually, by acquiring a certain advertising space on individual resources. The price of 1,000 shows can vary based on the subject, type of banner, the advertising platform itself and the position of the block on the page.

Contextual advertising

Like other types of advertising on the Internet, contextual advertising serves primarily to attract and increase the number of potential customers.It is a text-graphic or text block, which is displayed taking into account the content of the advertising platform. Content blocks can be published:

  • on the pages of search engines (in this case, they are selected according to the search queries entered by users)
  • on sites that participate in advertising networks (in such a situation, contextual advertising is selected according to the subject of the site).

This type of online advertising is great for promoting the sales of goods and services of well-known brands.

The main advantages of contextual advertising include:

  • demonstration of blocks to already interested audience (this is done by installing flexible targeting settings in Google AdWords and other services)
  • the fee is charged per click on the ad
  • the loyalty of users who perceive such advertising as a part of information on the site
  • operative tracking of advertising campaign results.

Advertising in social networks

This method of advertising is currently developing in the fastest way. It can be organized in several ways:

  • by placing banner and contextual ads on the pages of users. In this case, payment is made only for the number of ad impressions or for the number of clicks on it
  • by creating thematic communities with the active involvement of subscribers, that is, the interested public are potential consumers. It is worth noting that you can subsequently interact very effectively with this audience, reporting on upcoming promotions, new products in the product line, a list of services, etc.

SMM promotion is ideal for companies that are in a hurry to draw attention to the brand, adapt it and promote it.

Search promotion

The result of SEO-promotion services is finding a site to be promoted in the top 10 results of search engines. SEO involves a set of measures for internal and external website optimization carried out by a team of optimizers. The advantage of online promotion is that users, as a rule, have great confidence in the sites that are on the first page of the search results.

Press releases

A not less interesting type of advertising on the Internet is the publication of press releases on well-known thematic and news sites or article promotion. It should be understood that such materials should be published only on pages with high traffic and so this entails significant financial costs. However, the effectiveness of such advertising pays off completely. Therefore, if it is necessary to inform a large number of people about a new brand, opening a cafe, branch, store, then it’s hard to find a better option than a press release. In addition, you have the opportunity to screen out the audience, depending on the geographic location of the advertised object. For this, you need to publish press releases on regional portals.