Different types of online marketing

Different types of online marketing

Marketing as a science was born long ago. Everything has started with newspapers, radio and later came to TV. After inventing the Internet marketers have decided to continue their job in a new field and, thus, online marketing was born. Everything seems to be more or less clear with offline area, but its younger brother deserves being studied more deeper.

Types of online marketing

Email marketing

It is one of the first means marketers tried to get in touch with their customers. A lot of people consider it too obsolete and hardly efficient, but it is still used. It should be added, that it is quite successful form. The secret is that each letter should show individual attitude to each customer. Massive mailouts have gone long ago.

Affiliate marketing

It can be very beneficial for newcomers or who want to monetize his website. The idea is simple: you don’t have to produce anything, you just promote somebody’s goods and get commission from it. Those, who want to have passive income with minimum of efforts, should definitely think about it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Among different types of digital marketing it is almost the only one that is free. It aims to get traffic from the results of search requests in the most popular search engines. The main problem here – it takes really long time, and change of algorithm can also break your plans a bit. As any other marketing activity it does require constant attention and work on your website.

Content marketing

As we have websites, we should have somebody who will fill the pages. The texts are not always, they actually shouldn’t be, about selling. Interesting and useful content that helps to resolve customers’ problems is of much greater value. People immediately feel treatment of the cashpoint and try to skip such resources.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It was hardly spread about ten years ago, but now it is in active use now. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very public places where people relax, chat, watch funny videos ..and search information about the brands they are interested in. Why deprive them from it?

Pay-Per Click

Organizations has taken it onboard quite long ago, as it serves to bring them traffic from other resources. Such ads should be adopted wisely, otherwise it may cost you a fortune with almost no result. To make it effective, check whether your message at the ad and on the landing page are equal and tell about the same option. It is very convenient that such ads can be posted like stories, sponsored content or as a video ad.

Video marketing

Yes, videos can do you a great favour. People are more likely to spend 3-4 minutes of watching your content, rather than reading the same information. Videos can help you to show how this or that product can be used, how it can help in a daily life or resolve some problems.

To sum up

Internet is a living organism that changes so rapidly, new online marketing types can appear just in the night,, the same as old ones will vanish. The types we have, are not the only in the area, some more will come, some will disappear. When you will be thinking about your marketing strategy, no use to implement all of them, just implement the most relevant and that ones you are skilled most of all.