Website Strategies to boost your revenue

Website Strategies to boost your revenue

Our customers, the same as we are in our ordinary life, are attacked by thousands marketing messages. Professional marketers have learnt to filter them or understand what stands behind it, while common people, when coming to your website, mainly ask one question: why should I trust you?

In this article we want to cover an issue of website strategies that will attract new clients and help to improve current level of trust and loyalty.

Six simplest website strategies a newbie in marketing should start with

Show your awards

It’s ok, it is even a necessity to show that you are better than competitors, and if you were given any sign of recognition – why not to show to the audience. In the sections “About us” you can add a photo of your brand’s diplomas like “Best choice in healthy lifestyle 2017”. It increases your expertness immediately.

Get reviews

There are thousands of websites where people can share their impressions about experience with this or that product. Ask your customers to leave a feedback on the website you want. Probably, it won’t work for free: you can write a letter with a link and offer a discount for next purchase. Show people where they can read about interactions with you. Of course, not everything can go well and only positive feedbacks can cause even more suspicion. People do understand that sometimes something may go wrong, it is important to show that you worked on this situation corrections.

Join professional forums where expert opinions are required

This website strategy plan means that you should offer your help where it is needed. People may not know you, but when they see that an unknown company has given a tip that really worked – they will get interested in you and will try to find you on the Internet to get acquainted. Mind, that jungle telegraph also works: people will are ready to share their positive experience with a company.

Pay attention to SEO optimization

Sometimes people come exactly to the website their friends or relatives have advised them. But you have no special idea where to buy a new door for your house, you are very likely to use search engines like Google or Bing. And you should spend some time with your texts and keywords in them to reach the first positions in search results. You may offer quality product, but word of mouth may work not so well, and you are located on 4-5th pages, people may simply got lazy to search so far.

Content marketing

As we have started talking about texts, let’s add this site strategy in the list. Mind what you publish, as it is the way you talk to your clients. Only selling texts make an impression that you are interested in your client’s money that is very quickly checked and felt by the visitors. Think what useful information you can give them, what their common problems are and how you can solve them: it can be lifehacks, useful information or news from the field.

Join social media

Nowadays it is easier to say who don’t have an account in social media, than who does. Use it for your strategy plan. Here you can interact with people, answer their questions, launch polls, share some funny facts and so on.


Actually, there are thousands of website strategies that can and should be used – a professional marketer can give you a thousand in an hour. Start at least with these ones, spend some time for result analysing and gradually go to your next point. Challenging and interesting activity is in front of you.