What are best ad networks for bloggers?

What are best ad networks for bloggers?

Everyone who has his own website has started thinking about its monetizing. Those who have their own blogs can easily become ad publishers. Advertising is, perhaps, the most enjoyable and convenient way of making money if you are interested in passive income. And network advertising is the best option here as direct contact to advertisers may take a lot of time and efforts.

What are best ad networks for bloggers?

Actually, we can’t give a definite answer. Some apply to AdSense or other well-known resource, but the problem is that all are not hunters that blow the horn. There is a wide range of small networks that can offer great service.

If you just start getting money from your blog – we recommend to have a look at that one offering at least the following options:

  1. regular payments (weekly is the best variant, but once a month is also ok);
  2. knowledgebase and customer support;
  3. clear system of reporting;
  4. convenient dashboard

By the way, there is no crime to learn about the networks your “colleagues” use and try it. If it was cool for them, it may also suit you.

If you have a good traffic

If your blog is interesting and has at least 1 000 – 1 500 visitors a day – the best variant is to use ppc ad networks. It means that you will have money each time, the ad posted on your blog was clicked and the visitor was redirected to exact page of the advertiser.

The only precaution here is in selecting advertisers relevant to your content. People don’t really like ads, but if it is useful and helps to resolve a certain problem, the person was thinking but postponing, you will have a chance to save your good reputation. Irrelevant ad content will annoy people and you risk to lose some your audience.

Pay attention to trends

Videos ad networks is a gold mine for publishers as there is almost nothing as much popular as videos nowadays. The same as with PPC approach – you’d better find something relevant to the topics you arise. The ads in this case will be like an extra content that may be even useful for a part of your visitors.


Making money from your blog is a good idea. As you spend some time for studying the material for each post, you deserve being compensated for your efforts. However, don’t get ahead of yourself if your first payoff wasn’t that high that you expected. You should spend some time analyzing what was good in your campaign, what can be improved and what is better to reject. It may take a lot of time to launch and manage all the processes in the beginning, but after some you will like it so much, believe me.