What is a secret in Pay Per Call?

What is a secret in Pay Per Call?

Do you like filling all the forms when ordering a pizza or simply make a call and tell a manager what you want? If you are not a voiceless man, you are quite likely to prefer last variant. So, congratulations! You have just participated in Pay Per Call advertising.

Do you know it inside out?

This phenomenon has come from affiliate marketing and is quite recent branch of the area where payments are charged for the calls.

Calls are very expensive and good ones can even cost up to 150$. Calls are used to clinch the matter urgently. When calling people are open to dialogue and, probably, ready to buy – that is the reason of so high price.

The approach itself gives free rein to choice of traffic sources and that’s why TV, billboards and leaflets can be easily used. Small local businesses can take the approach on board, as posting your ad in a local newspaper or on radio will unlikely strain the wallet, but it gives mass effect to attract the audience you couldn’t even imagine to have.

How does it work?

There are many Pay Per Call networks to connect an advertiser and a customer. Their central feature is that you don’t even need to use or have your website to join. Your offering will be implemented with the help of unique phone number designed specially for your company. Publishers advertise these digits at their websites, in the apps, in paid search results or any other sources of traffic.

What is a secret in Pay Per Call?

The answer is simple and obvious – a well trained staff. When people start calling you, they will talk to your workers. They should be prepared to answer all questions and provide with all necessary help.

Another marker here is a skill to seal a bargain or arrange a meeting via phone. It also shows how apt your employees are. The publisher can shower you with calls but they mean nothing if cannot process them properly.

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