What is an ad network

Ad network, or an Network advertising serves as a mediator between a company (or business) that wants to post ads and the websites that have place and desire for publishing them or another words ad network is an advertising platform for advertiser and publisher.
There are a lot of types of ad network – mobile network, banner network, native advertising network

Network advertising ≠ traditional advertising

The first term is related to the ads publishing on the Internet only. All the ads are transmitted with the help of a special ad server. The advertiser can select the audience he may target like gender, age, interests and so on.

In traditional TV or radio advertising the customer can select time and, probably, the programs after or before his ad can be broadcast.

In this case the expenses are higher and results are more difficult to track.

One big advantage of online advertising – you can sit in New York, while your ad may be published in Chicago or Berlin. Ad networks cooperate with publishers and advertisers all over the world.

Advertising policy

Each network may have its own rules and restrictions, for example:
• restriction for ad size (“weight”);
• topic restrictions;
• limits for a number of banners from this network or for a number of banners on the page at all;
• places for ad publishing etc.

Ads that don’t suit to advertising policy can be removed (post-moderation) or reject (pre-moderation). Generally, the owner of the network is involved in this procedure, but we recommend to study which types of banners are normally published on the pages of participants. If you are a publisher, it would be very wise to see which content may be posted on your resource and whether you are ready to accept it.

Pros and cons
The idea of such a mediator helped a lot of businesses. The publishers, however, earn less income than they could selling the place by themselves. But ad networks save time and efforts for both parties and obviously they want to have some payment for the service.

An advertiser should be ready that his ad may be sometimes posted near some inappropriate content for him. Some companies also mentioned that the results from the campaign according to their analytics may differ from the data on the network.

However, regardless some small misunderstandings the advertisers have to conclusion that networks nowadays is one of the best and easiest way to reach the audience.