What Is Direct Mail Marketing

What Is Direct Mail Marketing and its difference from traditional mailing?

Small business can boast one key advantage: it always has where to grow and it has energy and powers for it. Every company owner is constantly trying to adopt something new, as he or she is worried about goods and services improvement and become more influencing. As a result, you are more open to innovations and competitive.

Obviously, such goal realization requires really powerful marketing that is capable of covering huge audience and attract important players and make trustful relations with all his partners. Marketing in this case should work not only on new clients attraction, but keeping already gained as well.

Main problem is that our world is overloaded with information people are sick and tired of. The brands are trying to catch our attention and showing that you are absolutely distinct will be extremely difficult. Game rules are different almost every day and this information noise is the thing that works again you.

Lead generation and their further turning into real clients has stopped being a matter of several clicks long ago. There definitely should be something new, what is called direct mail marketing.

The idea is that standard mails are no longer interesting. We should think how to make the subscriber feel unique and appreciated. Probably, it is the time to personalize the letters we send our clients.

Ecommerce, as any other marketing platform, is to build relations with your clients. Simple informing is not enough, communication is to be tuned with each representative of every target audience. Now, you know key secret of business growth and power.

Direct mail marketing costs can be easily calculated by each company by studying 3 main components of the approach.

1. Right target audience

You may have clients that are interested in one set of your services and a lot of other groups focusing on something different. All of them should receive message that makes thinking you are thinking about them only. Mind the language, products, colours and all important stuff for each group.

2. Relevant content

Content creation takes a lot of time and immediate sales is the last thing you should expect. Trust to the company is a long process, while reputation loss is faster than a cheetah. Be ready to invest money, time and efforts to harvest later.

Emails with subjects like “attention, we have a big sale” or “50% discount for today only” are no longer effective. Such marketing mail campaign cause the highest scope of unsubscribing.

Offer people stories of success, specific ebooks or guides, articles form your corporate blogs, webinars etc.

3. Right moment for offer making

In a perfect world it may look like as follows: you are driving your car and see that you have run out of engine oil. At that time you are receiving an sms and email from a car service where skilled workers are ready to help you and will clean your car for free.

The trick is that no more than 20% of clients are ready to purchase from you immediately from the first visit. The most difficult is to understand remaining 79-80% may never do it at all ..if you don’t build the relations with them.

Remember, that each your potential client is on his own stage of sale funnel. Wise business owner should tune his work that so that to bring the clients through the stages of the funnel to sale and to a second one later. This is exactly main aim of any direct mail campaign that, probably, defines the idea of the approach better than academic definitions.


Make your business look benevolent. Discuss the topics your target audience feels interested in and what helps them to resolve their actual problems.

Unfortunately, you are not likely to get a magic pillow called “what is direct mail” showing how to turn leads into real cash. The amount of letters, delivery time, amount and type of the content and all other issues can be understood in practice only and the results will be valid exactly for your niche.