Warning from Alladsmedia about using cookies and related technologies
We are inclined to offer maximum level of comfort to our users by showing information from customers, memorizing product and marketing preferences and helping to obtain really necessary information.

If you agree to use our website and service you also agree the stipulations about using cookies and similar types of files.

Please, set up the right settings in your browser if you cannot agree with this idea.
Mind, that we cannot offer our services in this case.

What do cookies altogether with similar technologies cover?

Cookie files have in them only letters and digits. These files are stored in all the devices you may use for surfing the internet: smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices. Cookies are widely used by the websites owners and necessary not only to receive analytics, but to improve the performance of the site and its work in whole.

Types of cookies that are generally used by our websites and services:

1 “Inevitable”. These essential files allow to use all the functions of the website and have navigation in it in whole. These files can give no description of you as a person. General website performance or its parts can be affected if the files will be blocked here.

2 Files making “Performance”. These files make evident for us how interaction between the users and system is organized, the time user spent at our website and the areas of visiting. All error messages are also shown here. The whole work of website can be significantly improved with such files and estimate the level of effectiveness the campaign we have and to make our websites optimized for those are interested in our ads. This file gives no personal information about the user.
We collect and analyze only nameless information.

3 “Functional purposes” cookies help to recognize the visitors who are coming back to the website. These files help to track where and when you logged in or out and all your actions while you were logged in. Functioning and performance can suffer in case of blockage, there also may be problems with the access to website itself.

4 Files resolving “Targeting aims” include information about your actions in the Internet as well as links and pages you selected to see and access to our pages and websites.

We aim to show the content that is definitely relevant to your tastes, but it is also important for us to give an opportunity to our partners to show such content (information and ads) to you. We attract huge informative portals and platforms performing market researchers to process the data an in a result achieve our aims.

It is really possible for us on the ground of your interest in a particular website in our platform to show to you ads of the same or similar products in the other our websites.
Other advertising networks or companies can also obtain this information thus all of us will make successful and effective advertising campaign.

Can any other information be collected and used by any ways?
We may have different purposes to use cookies, including the following:

1 To have simpler means for us and our partners to get information about your visits to particular websites.

2 To analyze your orders.

3 Our website can be enhanced on the ground of information revealing your visits to our pages.
4 On the basis of your interests and preferences to show you the ads, various messages and the whole content created by Alladsmedia and third-parties.

5 To assist you in obtaining the right information.

6 We can work on significant improvements at our website when see the picture of visitors activity at our websites and in whole get the right understanding of users preferences and tastes.

What is the time cookies will remain on my devices?

The time of cookies remaining at any of your devices is different. Most of them will disappear after closing your browser. However, the lifetime of several ones is not finished after closing Internet session. These files are so-called “permanent” ones. Each type of permanent cookie has its own time of being stored. Generally, the longest time for cookies “life” at anyone’s device is not more than 4-5 weeks.

We tend to use exactly such long-life living cookies for the following reasons:

how often you come back or in general use the website;

whether there any changes in user’s behavior about our website after a while;

to estimate whether our advertisement worked effectively.

Who can place cookies?

Our administration is responsible for storing cookies at your devices. There are also “third-parties cookies” that are placed by other companies and operators.

We and other companies have an opportunity to learn how our websites are actually used. We not only collect some amount of user’s information, but analyze the visitors’ routes and directions and in a result offer better level of service. With such technology it becomes possible to count the number of users who have dropped into from a certain webpage or link or maybe even image.

Besides, such tool helps to gather general statistics information covering aspect of website usage to perform various analytical researches. It is also important to take right measures in optimization of our advertisements and websites to suit your interest as much as possible.

What are ways to use mobile and Internet advertising?

Not only our company, but also representatives of third-parties and service providers altogether with technical partners take part in advertising activities focused on users’ preferences and interests. Its aim can be considered as fully achieved when you see the advertising content fully corresponding to your interests.

Cookies may be used by third parties when they make some service for us or other companies. You should know that in this case we are not responsible for the data collected and technologies used, it is also not our area of responsibility to check their policies or actions. The advertisement you see is based on your actions in the internet, it may also include internet activity on your smartphone. Such factors as visited pages, response to our ads, search requests, geographical location and some other factors may affect on the ads you see as well. You may see these ads either on third-parties pages or ours.

Our technological partners can be members of self-regulated organizations and can help us in advertising campaign with the focus to your preferences. Depending on your actions in the internet, the pages you may find interesting the advertising information on this website can be shown to you from third-parties.

Are there any ways of handling with cookies?

In vast majority of browsers it is a default function to accept cookies. However, the user is free to adjust the browser in this field to its own convenience, i.e. to block them at all, to set up a notification when the files may be sent to the device. There are great amounts of ways to handle with cookies.

To see detailed information you can look through the settings in your browser and correct anything if necessary.

In case of disabling cookies from Alladsmedia it may affect your work in the Internet and ability to receive some personal information. In case you need to use several devices for work with our platform, please, make sure that all cookies settings were set up correctly.