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1) Traffic monetization – Means that you can earn from the ad that is placed on your site2) Bid limit – The maximum bid that you can pay when client clicks on your ad

3) Brand advertising – It is used when you wand to place an ad with specific brand in it.

4) Native ad – An ad that always fits to the design of your page

5) Campaign life – period of time when your campaign is live and not paused

6) Click tracking – process when you count the number of clicks that have been made on your ad

7) CPA – cost per action, when client clicks or registers or does any other action required

8) Time limits – Specific period of time which can be counted in hours and even minutes when you want your campaign to be live

9) Frequency capping – Literally means how much times the same ad will be shown to the same person through any period of time

10) Geo targeting – basically the option to choose any country which you would like to target during the campaign is live

11) Inventory – all ads that are available to be placed on your site or sites

12) Placement – Place on the site or network which will be used for your ad

13) ROI – literally return of investments that have been used for your online campaign

14) Serving the ad – means that all publishers will receive the ad from you

15) Traffic – itself a counted number of users that visit your sites

16) Pacing – means how fast any ad will be shown to the visitor

17) Open rate – particularly rate without any exclusions, which has no minimum or maximum value


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