has designed an advertising platform for successful interaction and cooperation of advertisers and webmaster located on our Website.

We allow to use our Website and services only according to the conditions of this Use Policy (for further cases “Policy” or “Terms”). We offer trial services only in correspondence to Terms only. You can use our services only if you fully agree with the Terms. We cannot offer any service if you don’t agree with the Terms.

The Terms cover policy for webmaster and advertiser’s purposes as well.

Alladsmedia has the rights to make amendments to the Terms when it is convenient for us. We don’t have special mail-out for this purpose and don’t use any other methods of informing.

We consider it a zone of users’ liability to check-up for all the updates at our Website. We suppose the user has given the consent to all our changes in case he or she continues using our services.

Account. Create and use

We can offer our services to those people whose age is over 18 (eighteen) at the moment of performing registration. Partnership with people less than this age is possible in case there is a stipulationin laws of your country and you can use such services. Besides to the cases above you should be agreeable with our Terms.

For those who open an account for a legal body there should be documents certifying your representing the legal body on behalf of whom the account is opened.

The keeper of an account is to obey all statements covered in the Terms and all other documents posted at the Website and bears full responsibility for the actions within a matter of his account.

During registration you will be requested to tell us some contact information, like email, and billing one for effecting payments. Also you will need to specify a password to your account.

You prove that email you stated belongs to you only and no other people, organizations or any third-party has no access to it and your account information in our system as well.

Sometimes we may reject using particular emails or names during registration procedure. We have a title not to tell about the reasons for it.

Only you are in charge of the data you have given to us and for it being correct and accurate. You should keep your credentials in a secret. In case this stipulation is not fulfilled with we have an immediate right to close your account and give no explanation from our side as we consider it as a rule violation.

You shall notify us asap if there is a case when information in your account was disclosed or stolen, you tracked illegal revealing of your password or other cases of security inhibitions occurred.

Only the account owner is considered in charge of all the doings performed from account.

We are entitled to freeze your account when we find suitable.
The reasons may contain but not limit such cases as:

violation of the Terms or payment rules;

we fail to verify the data you have stated in our system. For this case we can think your account is fake and all actions may be illegal or dishonest and can cause possible damages to our Website and/or our partners and/or third-parties as well.

Information covering statistics

Once a month we share with our users the reports we work with in our reporting system at Alladsmedia. We estimate all the traffic we get by commonly accepted and generally valid approaches and methods.

Current Terms and rules describing relations between Alladsmedia, webmasters and/or advertisers should be treated and understood by virtue of legislation and laws accepted in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Restrictions for using this license:

We offer a non-transferable and non-exclusive limited license for using our Website for performing different types of advertising activities, but we don’t empower our users to use the Website for any commercial activity or take any part of it or the whole Website for such purposes.

Your license in our service is always valid while you use our Website and Alladsmedia service. However it will be immediately closed if a case violation of any our regulations or Terms occur. If that’s the case we don’t give any special notification or warning.

Alladsmedia has a set of extra rights except mentioned above.


While using your account you acknowledge your consent to the statements below:

1 Put no blames on Alladsmedia for errors or mistakes in statistics. Recalculating is possible only to handle with dishonest clicks, the errors etc. We consider our statistic as the only one correct and accurate source of getting the data. All information is updated for severl times during the day.

2 Inform us if there is a necessity to close or disable your account.

3 Admit our rules concerning conditions for payment and payoffs. These provisions are available at our Website or you may get them by email.

4 Obey the rules described in but not measured by these Terms and all other regulations published at our Website.

5 Perform your activity with no violation of rules in the field of finance, fair competition, customers safety, nationalism, racial or any other discriminations.

6 Not to take part in any dishonest or illegal activity and not participate in any unfair services or schemes, activities or any of the kind including chain letters, pyramids and quick-money programs.

7 To perform all your business at our Website with no violation of laws regarding trademarks sphere, copy- and other rights covering intellectual property; obey the laws in the area of trade and commercial secrets and the rights describing publicity and privacy for any person.

8 Not to brake agreements and rules with third-parties; and comply with all confidentiality requirements discussed.

9 To remove all the material and content we ask if we render it as:

encouraging to violence;

containing threatening, pornographic or dishonest materials;

materials with unverified, inaccurate or even false information;

leading to discrimination to a particular person or a group of people based on their religion or sexual preferences, age, gender, race or ethnic affiliation or any kind of disabilities.

Activities that we strictly prohibit:

1 Sharing, transferring or gathering any data or information or facts about account owners and/or users. It includes but doesn’t limit any personal data or information and its further usage for marketing aims and purposes.
Such actions can be allowed only in case you have permissions from these users.

2 To broadcast or share or offer any forms of services with sexual context, we understand, but don’t limit the list here by any materials and services with age limitations, as well as any services and materials of pornographic nature.

3 To implement or attract technologies, software or any other approaches and techniques to get artificial clicks aggravating.

4 To make an attempt to get a new account as the previous one was closed because of rules breaking.

5 To influence identifiers or headers by any ways to hide the source of any content sent via our Website.

6 To make attempts to get sourcecode from our Website, as well as any part of it or the technologies and software we use by making copies, samples, prototypes, rewriting or any other methods. Creation of a similar service, website or platform or substituting product is also prohibited.

7 To implement any illegal devices, computer programms and software or scripts, worms, trojans and/or injections and so on for hacking our systems and disrupting its normal and stable functioning.

Copyrighting aspects

All the content published at our Website (textual, graphics, schemes, videos etc.) are under the egis of laws about copyright, trademarks and all other laws in the field. Thus it is prohibited to make copies, reproduce, frame or publish any part of materials or the content.

Contents of the advertisement

Answerableness for all the content shown for displaying is entirely on the advertiser only.

We don’t check whether the data is accurate, reliable or of high-quality. It is work for the advertiser only.

We cannot answer for any misprints, omissions and evident or possible losses and damages etc. appearing after using any content. You confirm to be ready to suffer all the losses which may arise from using your advertising materials and admit them.

Links leading to websites of third-parties

On our Website you may encounter with links leading to the third-parties pages and resources. We neither accept nor control the operations held at this websites and have no liabilities for the content there as well. To use such websites and their materials is your own risk.

Damages or losses

All the users are to refund us all the charges, expenses , costs and fees when it became a result of:

Terms violations;

wrong handling with the programme;

wrong use of our Website.

Policy for Payments

It is a strict requirement to write your real name and surname. If there is a case when money withdrawal is needful we compare and check-up the data in your profile with that one on the credit card. We do not perform money transfers if the data occurs to be different as we don’t effect payments to third-parties.

All the payments to Webmasters are organized on a weekly basis. We transfer the money to bank accounts or cards.

Alladsmedia is entitled to change the period for making payments.

We don’t transfer sum less than 20 USD. If that is the case we add the rest amount for next period of patment effection.
We effect all payments in a stipulated time but it doesn’t mean that your bank will do it also and we are not in charge for the delays from banks’ side.

Webmaster should give us correct and accurate details. In case there is a need to make some amendments in this data you should inform us about it not less than 3 days before the day when payment should be effected.

All the pay run required by banks’ side, like charges and fees, are performed by Webmaster.

At any moment we can freeze processing your payments for any reason, but also if there is a suspicion of disobedience of the Terms have occured.

It is also possible from our side to take any amount we think you owe to us including Terms violation and other rules and agreements.

Webmaster takes over all responsibility to pay all taxes for all his payments. We refer to Webmaster’s liability to pay all the charges and taxes in the country of living in for participation in Alladsmedia. In some cases we may freeze all the payments effecting until receiving documents confirming your payments to local tax organizations.

We are to calculate statistic and payment data in our reasonable understanding and include impressions, unique clicks as well as all incomes and activities performed via and/or with the help of the Website if it can be applicable.

Refund regulation and policy

We accept all requests for refund in written form only. Write us to … if you need a refund.
The cases for refund are the following:

Impossibility to launch the ads campaign including but not limiting by such facts as disregard of the materials for advertising to your country laws, irreceivable quality of the content or other reasons than can be applied by Alladsmedia.

Request to cancel the campaign from the Advertiser himself.

For this case, at first all the advertisements should be requested to be stopped, then to stop the campaign itself and write a letter with request to ….

We make refunds on the ground of not spent funds and it is calculated with the help of our reporting systems only.

We accept all the requests for refunds only from the emails stated in the Advertiser’s profile.

We don’t pay refund in case rules, terms and/or agreement violations have occurred.


We admit no responsibility from our side for stable and uninterruptable work of our Website as we have service work at any moment we feel convenient.

We cannot be counted responsible for the actions performed by Webmaster. If there is a suspicion of rules, agreements and/or any regulations breackage Alladsmedia reserves the right to withhold Webmaster’s payments and block his account without any explanations from our side.

If there is a case of violations rules covering third-parties by the contents of the material and/or delays in payments when it becomes known to Alladsmedia the account is to be blocked.

We announce the statistics from our reporting system as the only correct, true and never failing source of information.

Force majeure circumstances

There are no responsibility obligations for any of the Parties if the performance delay of obligations or failure regarding current Agreement was caused by force majeure conditions and circumstances like disasters natural types, any type of strikes, government actions, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and other reasons that can not be controlled or regulated by any of the Party.

These Terms can be at any moment changed or have amendments. They come into effect at the moment of publishing at the Website.