(for further cases “Company”) represents web advertising platform which main activity is to orgaanizу internet advertising campaigns.

The Company uses its own platform “Alladsmedia” (for further cases “Alladsmedia”).

The access is giving to Advertisers (for further cases “Alladsmedia”) to our platform for for showing the ads to potential buyers – users. During the process of advertising a certain amount of of anonymous data can be collected concerning users.

The Company does its best to protect and safe the data we obtained. To offer better protection we have made the document covering the levels of interesting for us information and the means of withdrawing to escape from information collection.

Our Company strictly follows this Privacy rules covering the areas about collection and keeping the information protected.

1 It is the Company’s obligation to inform about the rules we follow, how we process the information and what its type and amount.

There is no a case we deal with directly personal information. The only exceptional case may be if the User has given to us when needed to get in touch with the Company.

2 Information from Users and Alladsmedia
When we provide our clients with advertising service the information we may collect is the following:
Internet connection provider
IP address of the equipment
version of OS
preferable language in users’ browsers
pages the users visited (it may help us to show them relevant ads in future).

All the information we collect it is statistics only.

3 Cookie files
Files of this type are generally automatically installed to your PC from your browser if it is allowed. It helps the system to recognize the user and also collect and save some information.

Our Clients may use the databases they already have. It is granted the data there can be used for advertising purposes and campaigns only.

4 How this information is treated by the companies?
It helps us to perform various statistical researches.
To have the right perception and understanding about our services.
To show right ads to target audience.
To improve our service for customers.

5 Confidentiality of data
Under no circumstances the information we received should be transferred to third-parties. 
The only exception are those third-parties who work on behalf of our Company and the aim of their work is to tout services of advertising campaigns by Alladsmedia.

The information we may share to third-parties is only anonymous and restricted by the laws of Wales and England.

We have no information about credit cards, bank accounts or similar information. All payments are processed by special providers in the area of payments.

According to the recommendations of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council – all the cards are protected by TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer encryption), AES algorithm where the length of the key is 256 bit.

6 Irrevocable Opt-Out right
The User may not allow us to collect the information we need and apply for the right to opt out.