branded ads


     Our company has also the ability to work with video content. This literally means that you can choose with what exact ads you would like to start – display or video. Let us check your sites and decide what ads would fit you best and then you can decide if this is the best option for you.
     As well we can give you the full access to your account and you can make any changes to any campaign by yourself. This is the main possibility of our platform. We can give you a manager that will be responsible for you campaigns as well. You can choose whatever you like.



     As we’ve been working in this area for a very long time we have large number of clients and companies that used our services. The key to success in online business is to have your own product, your own ad if you wish.
     This is what we can do and have been doing for a very long time. We can show you an example of ads that have been designed and implemented to our main clients. Without a doubt, we can work at the design of your branded ads which will be shown to all your potential clients. This will increase the results and improve your investments.

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     One of the crucial things in starting online campaigns is to see all the results. Our platform offers any types of reports to each client. They can be given in any size and type such as xls, pdf, word etc. Also you can download them by yourself each day as much times as you want. You can see them within one hour or several hours and even each day separately. This is a great opportunity to make necessary optimizations as fast as possible.